Junior Division Game Rules – Junior Division Rules PDF

Junior Division Practice Plans by Week

Week 1

Junior Division Week 1

Week 1 Practice Plan

Dribbling to Manipulating the Ball

Week 2

Junior Division Week 2

Week 2 Practice Plan

Dribbling and Running with the Ball

Week 3

Junior division week 3

Week 3 Practice Plan

Dribbling and Turning to Beat an Opponent

Week 4

Junior Division week 4

Week 4 Practice Plan

Build Up Out of the Back

Week 5

Junior division week 5

Week 5 Practice Plan

Build Up Through the Midfield

Week 6

Junior division week 6

Week 6 Practice Plan

Combination Play in the Final Third

Week 7

Junior division week 7

Week 7 Practice Plan

Small Group Defending Third

Week 8

Junior division week 8

Week 8 Practice Plan

Defending as a Team

Week 9

Junior division week 9

Week 9 Practice Plan

Creating Scoring Opportunities from Wide Position

Week 10

Junior Division week 10

Week 10 Practice Plan

Creating Scoring Opportunities from Central Position