Welcome Home!

On behalf of the board and trustees of the Jonathan Alder Soccer Association, I would like to welcome you to our new webhome.  Please make sure to update your bookmarks to point to our new web address.  Please feel free to browse around our new site and also bare with us as we begin to populate our new site with great content.  If you have questions about anything regarding policies, fees, registrations, etc., please email information@jasoccerassoc.org


Special Notice

Good Evening JASA Families!


As JASA enters its final weeks for this fall season, we have some items to review.  First, please see the letter below from the JASA Board of Directors explaining the field situation and the reasons for some restrictions that we have asked everyone to follow. 

With that being said, the remaining 2 Saturdays, 10/22 and 10/29, we will ask that everyone use the black topped driveway and park in the grass area immediately adjacent to the fields (inside the old track); the cable gate will be open.   Football is having a tournament in the stadium and the parking lot will be full, so we are asking all soccer families to park back by the soccer fields.  This will also facilitate a better way to count cars involved with JASA which is a requirement of the township trustees in order to work toward making these fields our permanent home.  


Dear JASA Families:

We have had a wonderful opportunity to utilize our current JASA soccer fields adjacent to the Junior High!  As we continue working with Canaan Township to make this a possible long-term home for JASA, the Trustees and a few nearby residents have raised concerns which we are confident we can fix -- but we need your help. Here's what you can do at every practice and each remaining game day:

1. Do not use neighboring residents' driveways as a turnaround. We have asked you not to use the chunked blacktop lane as a drop-off site. Why? Because the only way back to 42 is to use the private driveway of a neighboring resident as a turnaround -- and they are complaining. If multiple strangers were pulling in and out of your driveway each weeknight, you might be annoyed as well. These residents have already expressed their concern to JASA and to the Township trustees (who can vote against our future use of this land).

2. Please Plan ahead. The Junior High parking lot is what we have for the time being, and we know it isn't convenient. If we cooperate, abide by these guidelines, and respect our neighbors' private residences, we can have a better solution for everyone. If we all plan ahead in a timely fashion, the available parking lot should be more than sufficient for our needs.

3. Please continue to respect the neighboring residents' property by ensuring all empty water bottles and other trash items are disposed of properly in the trash cans provided at the fields. The wind does not respect property lines and we don't want any of our trash to end up in the neighbor's yards or clogging up any storm drains.

In closing, please help ensure JASA's future and refrain from using neighboring private driveways as a turnaround. It will impede our access to this land in the future -- but we can correct this now! Remember, this is only the current inconvenient situation with a great solution for all within our reach. Thank you for your help and support of your community's only youth soccer organization!


JASA Board of Directors

Tom Bichsel, Chris Moore, Lynnette Bichsel, Jim McLain, Andy Kellett, Sean Magginis, Heidi Kellett, Sam Dean, Justin Hamill

Sign-Up Reminder

Sign up for the fall season at the Plain City Library on the following dates.  
July 6th and 13th (Wednesdays) - 5:30PM - 8:30PM
July 9th and 16th (Saturdays) - 10am - 2PM
JASA is also holding a skills day on Saturday, July 9. Each age category will get an hour of soccer skills training. 
There is no cost and everyone is invited - you do not have to be registered for JASA soccer. The skills day will be held at Bichsel Field 
on US 42.
Kicker (4) & Mini (5&6): 8:00-9:00am
Cub (7&8) & Junior (9-11): 9:30-10:30am
Senior (11-13): 11:00am-12:00pm
Bring a soccer ball and shin guards (and soccer cleats if you have them)
Finally, don't forget to sign up for the JA Soccer Camp.  Follow the link for all information and to register. 

Registration Form and More Information - Here!

Fall Sign-Up Information

Fall sign up information release!!!!

Here you go folks!  Getting them in early!

Mark these on your calendar!

All at PC Library

June 15th and 22nd (Wednesdays) - 5:30PM - 8:30PM

July 6th and 13th (Wednesdays) - 5:30PM - 8:30PM

July 9th and 16th (Saturdays) - 10am - 2PM

See you at one of these dates!


*****  UPDATE****

Questions have been asked regarding registering for the Summer Camp at JAHS.  The JAHS Soccer Camp is not a JASA SPONSORED event.  We have merely been a medium for transmitting information.  You can print off the application from here or you can register ONLINE HERE!



The make up game schedule has been approved. It is posted below as well as on Facebook/Twitter and an email is heading out shortly. These Games are to replace the week of April 9 that had to be cancelled due to inclement weather.

We do not normally schedule on Sundays, but due to a number of conflicts the games will be made up on Sunday afternoon May 22nd. This will be our last game of the season and medals will be on that day as well.

Schedules is as follows:

3pm - Green vs. Blue
4pm - Purple vs. Yellow
5pm- Red vs. Orange

3pm - Dynamo vs Crew
4pm - United vs. Sounders
5pm - Fire vs. Earthquakes

2:30pm - Galaxy vs. Crew
3:45pm - United vs. Timbers
5pm - Fire vs. Earthquakes

2:30pm - Earthquakes vs. Dynamo
3:45pm - Fire vs. Sounders
5pm - Galaxy vs. Crew


BREAKING NEWS: Opening Day Postponed

With temperatures forecast in the 20's plus wind chill and snow JASA has decided to postpone games scheduled for tomorrow, April 9th for the Kickers, Minis, Cub and Junior divisions. While soccer is an all weather sport, we feel that these extreme conditions would make for a very miserable day for all concerned.   We will begin with the games as scheduled for April 16th and a make up date and time will be arranged and published as soon as possible.   

Thank you. 
JASA Board