JASA Senior Division Policy Changes

Policy for JASA Senior Team (grades 6-8) Formation Effective for the JASA Fall 2018 season going forward.
For players in grades 6, 7, and 8 JASA competes in the Middle School Soccer Association (MSSA) league. MSSA is a recreational level league that is administered by the Columbus East Soccer Association (CESA). First and foremost JASA, as a sponsoring league, is subject to the rules and bylaws as stated on the MSSA website: http://www.cesasoccer.org/Default.aspx?tabid=983230
JASA typically sponsors one or more girls’ teams (who play in MSSA girls division) and one or more boys’ teams (who play in MSSA co-rec division) based on total player registrations.
Teams that are formed in the fall will remain intact for the spring season as far as total player registration allows.
For purposes of formation of JASA teams that participate in MSSA, the number of teams and placement of players on the teams shall be as follows.
Number of Teams
# Girls Registered  - # Girls teams
11-18 - 1
24-36 - 2
37-48 - 3
48+  -  4
# Boys Registered  - # Co-Rec teams
11-18 - 1
24-36 - 2
37-48 - 3
48+  -  4
Fall Team formation
For one team, the first 18 players (based on the calendar date/time of registration) will be placed on a team. Players who register 19, 20, 21, 22, and 23 will be put on a waiting list until at least 24 players have registered. In the event that 24 players do not register, one 18 player team will be formed, and players 19-23 shall be refunded any registration fees. See the section below on Spring Contraction for the exception to this policy relative to returning players from the fall season.
When registration numbers are enough for two or more girls’ teams or two or more co-rec teams to be formed, all players who register will be placed on a team. Each fall, teams will be formed on the basis of a skills evaluation. To accommodate player family late summer vacation schedules. At least two skills evaluation sessions will be held over week 1 and week 2 of August prior to the fall season beginning. All players must attend at least one of the evaluation sessions.
Within 48 hours following the last evaluation session, teams will be formed and players/families notified. The better skilled players (regardless of age/grade) will be placed together on team A, the next tier of players on team B, etc. Any player who does not attend at least one evaluation session shall be placed no higher than on a ‘B’ team. Placement on an ‘A’ team in the previous fall/spring season does not guarantee placement on an ‘A’ team for the current season.
Team sizes shall be within one (1) player of each other (i.e. with a total of 29 boys registered there shall be one team of 14 and another of 15 players).
Team ‘A’ shall register in the top division of MSSA, and the B and C teams shall register in lower divisions of MSSA for competitive balance.
Spring team formation
All players placed on a team formed in the fall shall remain on the same team for the following spring season. Players who register in the spring who did not register the prior fall season shall be placed on either the ‘B’ or ‘C’ teams in the order they register until the teams’ roster size is 18. If the ‘B’ (and ‘C’) team roster is full, the coaches for the ‘A’ and ‘B’ team will collaborate to ‘promote’ players from the B team to A until B’s roster is down to 18 players.
Spring Expansion
Should it become necessary to create an additional boys or girls team in the spring, the respective coaches shall use their collective experience from the fall season to place players onto ‘A’, ‘B’, or ‘C’(?) teams using respective player skill as the basis. All players who register shall be placed on a team.
Spring Contraction
If the total spring registration decreases such that one team needs to be dropped, use the following guidelines.
From 3 or more teams down to 2 or more, the respective coaches shall use their collective experience from the fall season to promote players from the fall’s ‘B’ team to the ‘A’ team until both ‘A’ and ‘B’ team roster sizes are within one player of each other. Similarly for C to B team promotion.
For 2 teams down to 1, players who register in the spring who did not register the prior fall season shall be placed on the team so long as they were one of the first 18 players to register. New players 19-23 are subject to the wait list policy. *All* players returning from the fall are placed on the team regardless of which order they registered even if this means total roster size exceeds 18 players.