Players Corner

The following are general and game specific skills for players. Go HERE to learn how to play a position.


  • Spend time with a soccer ball at your feet. The more quality touches the better your skills will become!

  • Juggling develops your brain, eye, and body coordination. Everyone starts at 1 juggle and goes from there.

  • Foot drills are part of every soccer player's training. Learn the easy foot drills and add more difficult ones as you become more comfortable with the soccer ball.

  • Find a wall. Practice proper kicking & first touch techniques against a wall.

  • Enjoy the game, it's one you can play for your whole life.


Juggling: You won't juggle in a game, but you will control the ball with the same skills many times in a game. Start with a simple drop of the ball and kick it back to your hands. It's that simple.  0  1  2  3  4

Foot drills: These are the building blocks for the moves that will get you around defenders in a game or keep the ball from an opponent who is trying to take the ball from you. Learn these well and your confidence on the field will soar. 1  2  3  4

Feint moves: This is how you beat an opponent one-on-one. The greats like Messi or Ronaldo practice these until they can do them in a game and beat the best defenders in the world. 1  2  3

Passing: A skill that makes a team of good players great. You must know how to pass properly to be able to send the soccer ball to your teammate with accuracy. Learn how to pass and then find a wall and pass to yourself making sure your feet, hips, and shoulders are aligned properly. 1  2  3

First touches: Receiving the ball in the air  1  2  3  

Kicking: Sending the ball far and high or shooting a bullet into the goal you must learn the right way. Take your time and practice the proper techniques. 1  2  3  Chipping 1  2  3

Defending: When the other team has the ball everyone on your team is a defender. Truly great players can defend, even the forwards. 1 2 3